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Would You Believe in the Existence of God the Mother?
Everyone, whether he is a Christian or a non-Christian, agrees that the Bible is the standard of God's teachings. Apart from the approval of society, the Bible itself strongly denotes that every record in the Bible is the powerful "will of God."

When people who believe in God do not follow the words written in the Bible, people usually say, "'How can we admit such people believe in God?" "Don't tell anybody that you believe in God." Why do they say so? The answer is simple. It's because people already know and agree that people who believe in God must believe and follow the words of the Bible. The Bible has been a barometer which judges the thoughts and behaviors of people who believe in God.

Now, this writer wants to tell you briefly about the heavenly Mother among many teachings of the Bible. In the Bible, God the Mother as well as God the Father is recorded as God, who will save mankind. Isn't this shocking?

I'm not writing this to make an issue and to show the difference between the Church of God and other churches by asking the readers why we should only call God "Father" and why we can't call God "Mother" too, to satisfy people of this age who ask for the gender equality.

People think that God the Father created the heavens and the earth alone. However, the Bible testifies that the heavens and the earth were created by God of the male image (Father), whom we can know through Adam, the created man, and God of the female image (Mother) whom we can know through Eve (Genesis 1:26). And Jesus' disciples testified that Abraham and Sarah in the Old Testament represented God the Father and God the Mother (Luke 16:19, Galatians 4:26).

In the Bible, there are so many testimonies not only about God the Father, whom Christians have been calling for thousands of years, but also about the existence of God the Mother and Her role, mission and prophecies She has to fulfill for the salvation of mankind.

We cannot deny the existence of the heavenly Mother who is clearly testified in the Bible. We the members of the Church of God believe that two Creators-God of the male image and God of the female image-made the heavens and the earth, and we believe in Them as the heavenly Father and the heavenly Mother who will save us. We believe what is written in the Bible as it is.

People who don't believe in God wouldn't accept or listen to the truth about the existence of Father and Mother. But what hurts me more than that is when people, who claim that they believe God and the Bible, wouldn't accept the truth about the heavenly Mother who is testified in the Bible, and deny the existence of God the Mother, saying all sorts of false logic and lies.

The Bible Regarded as Holy by Christians

People, who go to church every Sunday, always carry the Bible with them. People, who talk about religious matters at church, always carry their Bible under the arms. Whenever a president is inaugurated in the United States, there is always the Bible in the president's right hand. Is the Bible just an accessory for Christians?

This writer wants to ask people whom I meet today. "Hello! Would you believe in God the Mother if Her existence is testified in the Bible?"
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