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The Sabbath Day Is Saturday
Today, we refer to the days of the week as 'Sundaay, Monday, Tuesday,' and no longer 'the first day, the second day, the third day.' Our present-day system was developed in Rome where people decided to call the first day of the week 'Sunday,' the second day 'Monday,' the third day 'Tuesday,' and the seventh day 'Saturday.'

1) A calendar week has seven days; Sunday is the first day and Saturday is the seventh day.

2) Think about the word. "Weekend." Which day does the 'end' of the 'week' indicate?

3) Even in the dictionary, Sunday is defined as 'the first day of the week,' and Saturday as 'the seventh day of the week.'

4) The Bible also testifies that the seventh day, the Sabbath day, is Saturday.

Mark 16:9 (When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week...)

Jesus resurrected on the first day of the week. No one argues that Jesus resurrected on Sunday-the 'first day of the week'-which is why all Christians now celebrate Resurrection Day on Sunday. In the Good News Bible, this verse is written, 'After Jesus rose from death early on Sunday...'

Since the first day of the week is Sunday, what day is the seventh day? Through the Bible, we can confirm that the Sabbath day is Saturday.

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