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The Sabbath Was Changed to Sunday
After the apostles died, Christianity spread to western regions, including Rome. The gospel was preached to sun-god worshipers, and in the early 4th century, even the Roman emperor had heard the message of Christ. The emperor happened to be a leader of the sun-god worshipers, and when he converted to Christianity, many sun-god worshipers began to attend Church. As time passed, the faith of the Christians weakened, and they began to accept the customs of the sun-god worshipers. During this turn-over, they even began to rest and to worship on the first day of the week [Sunday]. In A.D. 321, Constantine, a Roman emperor, decreed an edict:

"All judges, city-people and craftsmen shall rest on the venerable day of the Sun."

Some argue that the abolishment of the Sabbath compelled many people to convert to Christianity, but we must not forget that altering God's commandments was Satan's scheme. Satan, the devil, opposes God and has historically harassed God's people, using various methods.

He tried to destroy the Church of God through severe persecution. But, taking a close look at history, the more that God's people were persecuted, the more that they depended on God. When Satan changed his methods of persecution, however, and praised the Church, he tempted the Christians to combine their faiths together. They were given back the properties that had been taken from them, ministers were exempted from military service, and the Church was even given the right to emancipate slaves. Through all of these outwardly positive changes to the Church, the Christians unwittingly fell into Satan's schemes and knelt down before him. They turned their backs away from God, like an ignorant bear who doesn't realize that his gallbladder is going to be stolen, only focusing on the sweet candy he is being tempted with.

God clearly said that only he who does the will of God can enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 7:21-23). Which day should we worship God to please Him, Sunday which most people keep, or the Sabbath, Saturday, which God commanded His people to keep? It is unnecessary to reveal the answer, because the Sabbath day is clearly Saturday.

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